The Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) offers a modernization of the power pack of the BTR-60PB armoured personnel carrier by installing a Ukrainian-made UTD-20 diesel engine instead of the original Russian-made GAZ-49B carburettor-type engines.

Purpose of modernization: increase of mobility characteristics due to replacement of the power pack.

In so doing, the following is achieved:

  • decrease of fuel consumption by 20%;
  • increase of cruising range;
  • increase of power-to-weight ratio and, as a result, increase of average speed;
  • decrease of operation cost;
  • increase of fire safety at operation;
  • increase of firepower and enlargement of tactical capabilities.
Main technical characteristics of BTR-60 armoured personnel carrier fitted with upgraded power pack
Description Measur. Unit Parameters
Before modernisation After modernisation
Engine model GAZ-49B UTD-20
Engine type carburettor 4-stroke V-type 6-cylinder diesel 4-stroke V-type 6-cylinder
Number of engines 2 1
Engine power output hp 2 x 90 300
Fuel type petrol А-72 diesel fuel, kerosene
Specific fuel consumption g/hp-h 252 175
Power-to-weight ratio hp/t 18 24
Max torque kgf/m 2 x 22.5 100
Max road speed km/h 80 80
Water speed km/h 9-10 9-10
Cruising range km 500 600
Max amphibious operation time h 12 16
Overall dimensions:
length mm 7,220 7,220
width mm 2,814 2,814
height (turret) mm 2,410 2,900
Combat weight kg 10,300 12,200
Crew 10 (2+8) 10 (2+8)
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