The Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) has carried out a modernization of the power pack and armament of the BTR-70 armoured personnel carrier by installing a Ukrainian-made UTD-20 diesel engine instead of the original Russian-made ZMZ-4905 carburettor-type engines and by installing a 30mm KBA-2 gun instead of the original 14.5mm KPVT machine gun.

Installation of the 4-stroke 6-cylinder V-type UTD-20 diesel engine makes it possible to improve the mobility characteristics and to carry out modernization of the power pack of BTR-70 vehicles which are in service with Ukraine by using the facilities of Ukrainian enterprises.

The comprehensive tests carried out on the proving ground of the KMDB have confirmed the high mobility characteristics of the upgraded BTR-70 vehicle fitted with UTD-20 engine, with the other characteristics of the BTR-70 remaining unchanged. The cruising range is increased by 25% due to a considerable reduction of fuel consumption, while the total volume of fuel tanks remains unchanged. The cross-country ability of the vehicle is improved due to the increase of engine torque.

The KMDB has developed and tested an efficient cooling system for the vehicle. The system enables the vehicle to be operated under high temperature conditions (up to +55°C) without any loss of performance.

Installation of the 30mm KBA-2 gun makes it possible to increase the firing range as well as the efficiency of fire.

Main technical characteristics of BTR-70 armoured personnel carrier fitted with upgraded power pack
Description Measur. unit Parameters
Before modernisation After modernisation
Engine ZMZ-4905 UTD-20
Type carburettor 4-stroke V-type 8-cylinder diesel 4-stroke V-type 6-cylinder
Number of engines 2 1
Engine power output hp 230 (2x115) 300
Fuel being used A-72 petrol diesel fuel, kerosene
Specific fuel consumption g/hp-h 252 175
Power-to-weight ratio hp/t 20 23
Max torque kgf/m 58 (2x29) 100
Max road speed km/h 80 80
Max water speed km/h 9-10 9-10
Cruising range
when using only main fuel tanks km 400 560
with additional fuel tanks km 600 840
Max amphibious operation time h 12 16
Overall dimensions:
length mm 7,535 7,535
width mm 2,800 2,800
height (turret) mm 2,235 2,765
Combat Weight kg 11,500 13,000
Crew 10 (2+8) 10 (2+8)
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