Taking into account the existing need to increase the level of protection of caterpillar armored infantry fighting vehicles, the armor protection of which already lags far behind the armor protection of tanks with which the BMPs should interact, KhMDB developed the heavy infantry fighting vehicle BTMP-84.

BTMP-84 is designed to conduct all types of combat operations in conjunction with tanks and provides motorized rifle units with mobility, security and firepower similar to the tank units.

The BTMP-84 was constructed on the basis of the Oplot tank's chassis, while the tank's structure, designed for the placement of two operators, was retained with a 125-mm cannon and an automatic loading mechanism.

A special feature of the machine is the presence in the stern of the hull of the amphibious compartment intended for the deployment of five infantrymen.

The door in the stern of the car's body opens to the left, a ladder is pulled down, and the hatch in the chassis roof rises above the door, which allows the infantrymen to leave the car quickly.

In both sides of the landing compartment there is an embrasure for fire. In the roof of the amphibious compartment there are hatches.


Parameter Units Value
Weight t 48,6
Crew person 3
Troops person 5
Main gun KBA-3
calibre mm 125
ammunition rounds 36
Coaxial machine gun PKT
calibre mm 7,62
ammunition rounds 1250
Anti-aircraft machine gun NSVT
calibre mm 12,7
ammunition rounds 450
model 6DT-2
type diesel
power output h.p. 1200
Maximun speed km/h 70
Average speed km/h 35 - 40
Cruise distance km 450
Operational temperature range: °C from -40 to +55
Traversable obstacles
Front slope % 63
Side slope % 36
Vertical obstacle m 1
Trench m 2.85
Fording capabilities
without preparation m 1,8
with preparation m 5
On par with modern tanks
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