The Kharkiv Morozov Machine-building Design Bureau (KMDB) is one of the leading enterprises engaged in developing main battle tanks. Side by side with development of new tank designs, the KMDB carries out modernization of the tanks that were manufactured earlier, viz. T-72, T-62, T-55 and T-54 tanks.

The modernization is performed in three main directions:

  • modernization of the power pack compartment envisaging installation of the 5TDF diesel engine developing 700 hp, and side gearboxes;
  • modernization of the protection envisaging installation of additional armour plates on the frontal part of hull and turret as well as installation of explosive reactive armour;
  • modernization of the tank armament and fire control system.

Modernization can be carried out either in any of the above directions separately or in any of their combinations.

Additional measures are taken to decrease the probability of being detected by the enemy, to increase crew survivability, etc.

Modernization of the power pack compartment

Modernization of the power pack compartment of the T-62 tank envisages installation of the 5TDF diesel engine developing 700 hp, side gearboxes, and efficient engine systems.

Characteristics of the twin-stroke 5TDF diesel engine

Parameter Value
Type Multi-fuel liquid cooled diesel engine with opposed pistons
Power output, kW (hp) 515 (700)
Number of cylinders 5
Placement of cylinders Horizontal
Specific fuel consumption, g/kW.h (g/hp.h) 240 (178)
Specific oil consumption at maximum power output, g/kW h (g/hp h) 5,9 (8)
Crankshaft rotational speed at maximum power output, rpm 2 800
Generator power output, kW 10 or 18
Engine weight, kg 1043
Overall dimensions:
length, mm 1 413
width, mm 955
height, mm 581
Working ambient temperature range, °C -40 to +55

Modernization of the power pack compartment can be carried out at small enterprises in the shops equipped with lifting equipment with capacity of up to 15 t, metal-cutting equipment (plasma cutting or gas cutting)and welding equipment (up to 600 A).

Technological scheme of modernization of the T-62 tank:

  • Disassembly of the tank
  • Marking and cutting the tank hull
  • Preparation of the hull for welding (preparation of the cut edges)
  • Power pack compartment frame (to be supplied by Ukraine)
  • Assembling
T-62 | MorozovKMDB T-62 | MorozovKMDB
Modernization of protection

In order increase the level of armor protection, the following is installed on the T-62 tank:

  • on the hull glacis plate and nose: armor module consisting of an armor plate and explosive reactive armor;
  • on the turret frontal arc: add-on armor plates and explosive reactive armor;
  • on the hull sides: armored skirt screens with explosive reactive armor.

Efficiency of increase of armor protection of the upgraded T-62 tank:

  • kinetic energy attack (APFSDS) – 1.8;
  • chemical energy attack (HEAT) – 2.5-3.

The modular design of armoring the frontal part of the hull and turret has the following advantages:

  • possibility of re-equipping the tank armor protection later on as the armor materials are improved and new types of protection are designed;
  • possibility of replacement of a damaged armor module (instead of restoration work) under field conditions;
  • possibility of using the tanks with the armor modules removed under peace conditions during crew training.

The time required for installation of the removable armor module does not exceed 1 hour.

Modernization of the T-62 tank protection can be carried out at small enterprises in the shops equipped with lifting equipment with capacity of at least 1.5 t, metal-cutting equipment (plasma cutting or gas cutting) and welding equipment (up to 600A).

The tank can be equipped with the additional armor protection array within 20 days by 6 person.

Delivery set for modernization of protection


  • armor plate to be installed on the tank glacis plate and nose;
  • armored skirt screens with explosive reactive armor;
  • rubber shields (for protection against HEAT projectiles) and fasteners.


  • add-on armor plates to be installed on the frontal arc;
  • explosive armor package to be installed on the frontal arc;
  • set of explosive reactive armor panels to be installed on the turret roof;
  • fasteners.

Optical/electronic counter-measure system (Installation is possible)

In order to increase of the tank against anti-tank guided weapons (that have either semi-automatic tracer-guided control system or semi-active laser-guided homing heads), the tank can be equipped with the optical/electronic counter-measure system.

The system in question includes an optical/electronic suppression equipment and aerosol screen laying system.

The optical/electronic counter-measure ensures the following:

decoying away incoming anti-tank guided missiles by means of setting light interference within a sector of ±20° relative to the main gun bore in the horizontal plane and ±2° in the vertical plane;

suppression of control systems of laser beam riding anti-tank guided missiles equipped with laser semi-active homing heads by means of setting quickly-generated aerosol screens a sector of ±45° relative to main gun bore.

NBC protection

In order to increase protection of the tank crew against mass destruction weapons, the upgraded T-62 tank is equipped with an NBC protection system intended to ensure air-tightness of the crew compartment, fire/explosion suppression, filtration of the air that comes into the crew compartment. The system comes into action automatically with simultaneous audible and light signaling. When the tank operates under condition of radioactive contamination of terrain, the NBC system enables the crew to carry out measurements of gamma radiation within the range of 0.9 to 150 r/h.


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Modernization of the fighting compartment
Modernization of the fighting compartment consists in installation of 120-mm main gun with gun driver’s combined main sight, computer with various sensors, and electric units of stabilizer. This results in increasing the target detection distance by 1.7 times as well as in improving capability from a stationary position and on the move both by day and at night.
T-62 | MorozovKMDB
Comparative characteristics of T-62 and T-62M tanks
Parameter Value of parameter
Before modernization After modernization
Weight, t 36 39.5
Power-to-weight ratio, hp/t 16.1 17.7
Crew 4 4
Overall dimensions, mm:
length (gun forward) 9335 10200
height (commander’s hatch) 2395 2395
width (with skirts) 3300 3590
track width 2640 2640
Main gun:
designation 2A20 (U5-Ts) KBA-101
caliber, mm 115 120
allowance of ammunition, rounds 40 40
Coaxial machine gun:
designation PKT PKT
caliber, mm 7.62 7.62
allowance of ammunition, rounds 2500 2500
MG elevation/depression -5°/+15°
Armament stabilizer Yes Yes
type V-55V 5TDF
power output, hp 580 700
specific fuel consumption, g/hph 180 178
type of cooling system liquid, fan-type liquid, ejection-type
Maximum speed system, km/h 50 60
Average speed, km/h:
natural soil road 22-27 30-35
asphalt road 32-35 35-40
Deep fording, m:
without preparation 1.2 1.8
with preparation 5 5
Trench, m 2.85 2.85
Vertical obstacle, m 0.8 0.8
Gradient 32° 32°
Side slope 30° 30°
Ambient air temperature range at which movement without restriction is ensured, °C -40 to +40 -40 to +55
Cruising range (asphalt road), km 450 500
Power transmission:
complex change-gear train; Yes No
gearbox; Mechanical Mechanical, planetary, with hydraulic control
number of gears 5 forwards gears and 1 reverse gear 7 forwards gears and 1 reverse gear
Explosive reactive armor No Yes
Power pack compartment top deck thermal protection No Yes
Dazzle painting No Yes
Fire control system
Gunner’s main sight
Type Day sight TSh2B-41 telescopic sight with changeable magnification (zoom) Combined sight (day/night), with a laser rangefinder, periscopic, with changeable magnification (zoom)
Magnification 3.5x and 7x 4x and 8x
Field of view 18° and 9° 20° and 10°
Stabilization of the line of sight (of the day and night channels) No Yes, 20axis stabilization
Accuracy of stabilization, mrad - 0.1
Laser range finder No Yes
Ranging limits, m No 400 – 5 000
Target detection range (day), m 3 000 5 000
Night sight
Type TPN-1-41-11 electronic/optical monocular periscopic sight Night channel built in the sight with image convert
Target detection range (night), m:
in the passive mode No 700
in the active (when illuminating the terrain with the L-2 infra-red lamp, m 800 the L-2 lamp is not available in order to exclude detection in the IR range
Commander’s observation device:
type TKN-3 TKN-3 and monitor showing the field of view of the gunner’s combined sight
Ballistic computer No Yes (digital computer with peripheral sensors)
T-62 | MorozovKMDB T-62 | MorozovKMDB T-62 | MorozovKMDB