Hydraulic transmission GOP-900 is used as a component of hydro-mechanical gear boxes of heavy tracked vehicles with weight of up to 60 t to provide stepless control of speed when driving and turning the vehicle.

The hydraulic transmission is a monoblock that includes two radial-piston hydraulic machines (variable capacity pump and hydraulic motor) and hydraulic equipment to provide protection from overload and functioning in closed fluid circulation system.

Parameter Value
output power up to 350 kW
rotatinal speed up to 3100 rpm
pressure up to 32 MPa
torque up to 2800 N.m
efficiency up to 80%
fluid temperature up to 130°С
overall dimensions:  
diameter 560 mm
length 215 mm
weight (without gear box driving shafts) 260 kg
GOP-900 Hydraulic transmission | MorozovKMDB

When developing hydraulic transmission GOP-900, the following scientific and technical tasks were solved:

  • increase in wear resistance and heat resistance of cylinder-piston components due to use of special fluids and materials that are nontraditional for hydraulic drives;
  • strength and stiffness of the design at limited radial and axial dimensions of the hydraulic transmission;
  • efficient lubrication of piston components, which resulted in better performance during idling at max and min values of starter reactive ring eccentricity and within whole rotational speed range;
  • optimization of radial clearance in piston pairs and development of calculation method for leaks;
  • formation of configuration and conditions for the flow of fluid in the casing of hydraulic transmission to minimize power loses.

Engineering and design solutions implemented in our hydraulic radial ball transmissions provided high wear resistance of piston groups and distributor unit, which was confirmed by durability tests.

Hydraulic ball piston transmissions and hydraulic machines based on them (pumps and hydraulic motors) are one of prospective trends in development of hydraulic drive due to simple design, superior performance and minimum axial dimensions.

Hydraulic transmission GOP-900 developed in the CIS has no analogs in the world in terms of capacity and max speed. Experience gained during development and production activities makes it possible to extend the nomenclature of hydraulic transmissions with respect to their capacity, to develop split hydraulic transmissions for transport and stationary machines as well as unique pumps capable to deliver up to 2000 l/min and high-speed high-torque hydro-motors.

GOP-900 Hydraulic transmission | MorozovKMDB