The DK-10 technological vehicle is intended to transport various objects inside a workshop and between workshops.

The DK-10 vehicle is powered by a D-144 diesel engine which is fitted with an oil station switching adjustable and non-adjustable pumps.

The transmission is of a hydraulic voluminous type with reversive feed of working liquid. Motor-wheels serve as actuating devices of the transmission.

The DK-10 vehicle movement speed is changed by using a reversive pedal non-stepwise within the range of 0 to 18 km/h; in so doing, the engine crankshaft rotational speed does not change. The vehicle chassis is designed as a three-axle one. This makes it possible to ensure small specific load on the passageway surface.

The suspension is independent, torsion bar-type with torsion bars being positioned transversally. The wheels are fitted with rubber tyres, the dimensions being 630х200 mm.

The rear axle is only activated when a cargo with weight of more than 3,000 kg is put on the vehicle platform. This feature makes it possible to reduce the turning radius in case the vehicle is under-loaded.

The steering hydraulic drive ensures constant value of force on the steering wheel, no matter what the load is on the vehicle.

At customer's request, the vehicle can be fitted with various technological equipment either with a hydraulic or with a pneumatic drive.

Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Weight 3,700 kg
Capacity 10 t
Max movement speed 18 km/h
Engine capacity 44 kW
Transmission non-stepwise, hydraulic voluminous
Suspension independent torsion bar-type
Tyre type heavy-duty tyre 630х200
Overall dimensions
length 4,150 mm
width 2,000 mm
height 2,150 mm