The MIASh-1 technological machine is intended to extract anode pins when producing primary aluminium.

The machine consists of a working device and a transporting two-wheel carriage. The main component of the working device is a pneumatic hydraulic converter which converts compressed air inlet pressure (workshop pneumatic network) into hydraulic pressure with increase ratio of 40. The extractor of the machine comprises a hydraulic power cylinder, a rest and a catch. The latter are directly involved in extracting anode pins. The machine can be provided with a pneumatic safety valve which excludes possibility of machine overloading.

Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Operational air pressure 0.5 MPa
Machine weight 206 kg
Rest travel 274 mm
Working cylinder diameter 160 mm
Oil pressure in working cylinder 16 MPa
Force achieved by the machine when on rest 40,000 kg
Overall dimensions:
length 2,080 mm
width 600 mm
height 1,335 mm
Extraction of pins is hydro-pneumatic