The MPASh-1 technological machine is intended to dress anode pins after they have been extracted out of electrolysers.

Apart from its primary task, the machine makes it possible to carry out various pressing and bending operations (for these, the machine must be fitted with relevant working gripping jaws). The pneumatic converter of the MPASh-1 machine is completely interchangeable with that of the MIASh-1 machine, and all rubber components are identical with those of the MIASh-1 and MIASh-5 machines. At customers' request, the machine can be provided with a pneumatic safety valve which excludes possibility of vehicle overloading.

Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Operational air pressure 0.5 MPa
Gripping jaw travel 90 mm
Working cylinder diameter 160 mm
Oil pressure in working cylinder 20 MPa
Force achieved by the machine when on rest 40,000 kg
Machine weight: 225 kg
Overall dimensions:
length 1,550 mm
width 565 mm
height 960 mm