The MRK-2 technological machine serves to destroy electrolyte crust of electrolysers with side electric current lead.

This machine is intended to operated under limited space conditions. Due to this, the MRK-2 differs from the MRK-1 by its smaller width (650 instead of 1,000 mm), shortened and more light working device as well as by lowered position of the arm pneumatic cylinder. The rest of the technical parameters of the MRK-2 are similar to those of the MRK-1.

Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Operational air pressure 0.4-0.63 MPa
Working device traverse angle ±120 degrees
Machine weight 1,350 kg
Overall dimensions
length 2,770 mm
width 650 mm
height 1,510 mm
Force of a single strike of arm 3,000 kg
Force of a single strike of pneumatic crow-bar 1,300 kg
Ground clearance within 90 mm
Max movement speed 5 km/h