The MRK-7 technological machine is intended to mechanise the technological procedures of primary aluminium production and is used for servicing the electrolysers.

This vehicle has been designed to carry out treatment of the ends of electrolysers with burnt anodes as well as electrolysers with self-burning anodes and upper placement of current-conducting pins. When carrying out treatment of an electrolyser, the MRK-7 is placed in the passageway from the longitudinal part of the electrolyser. The striking device is delivered to the required place by means of telescoping the working device carriage. The maximum area of electrolyser end treatment from the machine side is 2,500 mm.

Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Operational air pressure   0.4-0.63 MPa 
Air flow  5 m³/min 
Working device traverse angleт ±120 degrees 
Working device carriage travelт 1,100 mm 
Ground clearanceт 90 mm 
Machine Weight 1,450 kg 
Overall dimensions:
length 2,820 mm
width 1,000 mm
height 1,725 mm
Average movement speed 5 km/h