Current activity
Main activities and product range

KMDB specializes mainly in the development and production of armored vehicles. The competence of KMDB in this area is comprehensive and covers the whole process of creating a particular sample, from the first line in the drawing and to the subsequent improvement of the already operating machine.

The range of KMDB tracked vehicles developed includes the main battle tanks Yatagan, Oplot, T-80UD, heavy infantry fighting vehicle BTMP-84 and armored repair and evacuation machine BREM-84.

The wheeled vehicles of the KMDB include armored personnel carriers BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, armored personnel carrier BTR-3U, as well as an armored reconnaissance patrol vehicle BRDM-2.

KMDB also specializes in developing options for upgrading obsolete battle tanks, including T-72, T-64, T-59, T-55 and T-54.

In addition, KMDB is engaged in the design and manufacture of engineering equipment, as well as high-tech training facilities for armored combat vehicles.

In addition to the above main areas of activity, KMDB develops various civilian products, including equipment for the metallurgical industry, equipment for handling radioactive waste, special equipment on a heavy caterpillar base, etc.

Current activity | MorozovKMDB
The state enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau is the leading developer of armored vehicles in Ukraine. Earlier KMDB played a key role in the creation of armored tracked vehicles of the former Soviet Union. KMDB specializes in the development and production of armored vehicles.