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SOE KMDB supplied tank crew training simulators to its customers

26.01.2007 - Kharkiv, Ukraine -- Late in December 2006, the State-owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau supplied motion-based T-55 tank crew training simulators to its foreign customer, as well as supplying motion-based T-64 tank crew training simulators to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

T-55 MBT simulator

The use of the tank simulator for the crew training with no quality training drawbacks as compared to training procedures on the tank directly provides the following merits:

  • Form efficient skills in the trainee's action;

  • Prevent accidents in the course of the tank crew training;

  • Exclude damage of fighting vehicles at wrong trainee's actions; due to saving the fuel, service life of fighting vehicles and ammunition;

  • Carry out the training both for the whole crew and individually for a driver, a gunner and commander on the individual base.

In the course of training steps the trainees can carry out the following exercises:

1) Tank Driver

  • Pre-starting preparation of assemblies and systems;

  • Start-up and warming-up the engine;

  • Operation with NBC system;

  • Driving the tank over training track with various terrain profiles, soil type by day and night time under different weather conditions including surmounting the obstacles;

2) Tank Gunner and commander

  • Preparation for firing from the main gun, coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns;

  • Firing from the main gun, coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns on the move and stop position by day and night time under different weather conditions;

  • Study design, operation, basics of use and system maintenance , units and assemblies positioned at tank crew working stations;

  • Exercise crew's interaction using the intercom means;

  • Drill the tank crew actions in case the systems, units and assemblies are in emergency state.

In training, the instructor can do the following:

  • Choose the exercise type;

  • Define initial conditions for carrying out the exercises;

  • Simulate emergency situations;

  • Control the trainee actions using the intercom and loudspeaker means; monitor and change the tank disposition on the training track;

  • Monitor the sights field of view and observation devices, controls position, condition state of light indicators and switches on the gunner's board;

  • Monitor and change disposition, number and image of targets on the terrain map;

  • Enter the database the trainee's actions on selective basis taking into account the mistakes made;

  • Reproduce the trainee's record actions on the monitor screen for making their analysis;

  • Print-out the exercise results in the form of an exam sheet.

About KMDB:

The Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) is a state enterprise, which is now Ukraine's leading design authority for armoured fighting vehicles and used to play a key role in the development of armoured tracked vehicles in the former Soviet Union.

The contemporary activities of the KMDB are distinguished by three main factors:

  • the ability to offer customers a wide range of armoured vehicles and other products for both military and civil use, as well as obsolete vehicle upgrade packages

  • the provision of equipment closely tailored to customer's individual requirements

  • the availability of long-term support for the end user

For further information please contact:
SE Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau
126 Plekhanivska St.
Kharkiv 61001



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