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Hydrostatic transmissions
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T-12 Medium Tank
T-24 Medium Tank
BT-2 Light Wheeled-and-tracked Tank
BT-5 Light Wheeled-and-tracked Tank
BT-7 Light Wheeled-and-tracked Tank
BT-7M (A-8) Light Wheeled-and-tracked Tank
T-35 Heavy Tank
A-20 Light Wheeled-and-tracked Tank
A-32 (T-32) Medium Tank
T-34 (A-34) Medium Tank
T-34M Medium Tank
T-44 Tank Project
T-34-85 Medium Tank
T-43 Medium Tank
T-44 Medium Tank
Product 416 Tank Prototype
T-54 Medium Tank
T-55 Medium Tank
OT-54, TO-55 and Obiekt 483Flame Thrower Tanks
Product 430 Medium Tank Prototype
T-64 Main Battle Tank
T-64A Main Battle Tank
T-64B Main Battle Tank
T-64BV Main Battle Tank
Obiekt 476 Tank Prototype
T-80UD Main Battle Tank
T-84 Main Battle Tank
T-72 Battle Tank Upgrade
Artillery tractors...

KMDB, on the grounds of its expertise in creation of high-speed vehicles, in calculation and experimental research work, that prove correctness of the made design solutions, offers its service in performing the following work:

  • estimated evaluation of the strength and rigidity characteristics of complex spatial constructions (frames, housings) on the basis of 3-D electronic models with the help of the ANSYS software system
  • evaluation of strength and durability of transmission assemblies that have different power output and purpose, taking into account dynamic loads, caused by work of the internal combustion engine
  • evaluation of tractive and mobility characteristics of tracked vehicles on the basis of its own developed software packages
  • heat calculations of the vehicle cooling system
  • expert estimate of strength properties, heat state of different constructions

High quality of performed work is guaranteed.





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