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The machine is intended to carry out mining extraction of thin and very thin (0.8-0.9 m thick) stratified coal deposits without people having to be present, in a goaf (worked-out area) without the need to support it.

Field of application

Work at thin and very thin layers of stratified deposits of mineral resources.


The BZM-1M1 drill setting machine is a remote controlled device based on a tracked self-propelled chassis intended to carry out drilling of non-circular section holes. The BZM-1M1 is fitted with dust-and-gas condition normalising devices, a system to control the attitude of the machine and its tool relatively to the stratum being exploited, an automated system to control the modes of drill/auger-type mining extraction of mineral resources and stowing of rock into the drilled-out space.

The device is used together with technological equipment to carry out delivery, building up, storing of the sections of the augur structure, mechanisation of installation work and transportation of mined mineral resources.

The procedures of machine use make it possible to:

  • increase labour productivity by 2 to 3 times if compared with ordinary cutter-loaders which operate by cutting the enclosing rock;
  • reduce the hard physical labour to minimum; in so doing, the safety and comfort level will be increased;
  • reduce the specific amount of metal in the equipment, power consumption and practically reduce to zero the need for timber consumption.

Technical characteristics:

Cross-section area of working (opening) in light to place the machine 11.2
Drill bit diameter mm 625, 750
Hole width m 1.9-2.03
Technological speed of drilling m/min 1.5
Capacity t/day 100
Overall dimensions (when in travelling position)
  • length
mm 6,000
  • width
mm 2,600
  • height
mm 1,500
Power supply voltage V 660
Drilling depth m up to 60
Forward force t up to 15
Kit weight kg 35,600
Weight of auger structure (included in above kit weight) kg 14,500
Attending personnel   4
Work is carried out:
at stratum thickness of m 0.6-0.9
at stratum pitch angle of degrees ±12
at gas content at stratum m³/t up to 15
at resistance to cutting of kg/cm up to 350
at enclosing rock type any
mining extraction mode envisages abandoning of inter-hole safety pillars of mineral resource

BZM-1M1 Drill Setting Machine



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