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The DA-3T inclined two-auger diffuser is intended to continuously extract sugar out of sugar-beet chips by means of counter-flow diffusion and is recommended for use at new and re-designed sugar mills as well as for replacement of worn-out DS-12 and DDS-30 sets of Polish and Danish origin. The DA-3T has successfully passed state approval tests and has been included into the production cycle at six sugar mills of Ukraine.

Main parameters and dimensions: 

Parameter description Parameter value
Length 32,000 mm
Width (including support pillars) 7,850 mm
Height  11,800 mm
Weight (when unfilled) 270,000 kg
Capacity 3,000 tonnes

of sugar-beet per day

Consumed electric power 80-115 kW
Consumed electric power at load of 140 t/h 150 kW


In addition to the delivery of diffusers, the SE KMDB is also offering an upgrade package for them.

Standard upgrade package for the diffuser when changing the electric drive by hydraulic drive includes the following:

  • Delivery of hydraulic drive and transport system components within 6 to 8 months after the order is placed
  • Constructional "correlation" of hydraulic station and electrical equipment to the building where the diffuser is installed
  • Delivery of complete hydraulic drive, which components undergo preliminary tests and adjustment on test bench
  • Delivery of operating documents as needed
  • Supervision during installation procedures of the hydraulic drive at sugar mills and its preparation for both idle run and operation under load
  • Technical assistance to sugar mills during operation season including warranty service
  • Technical training to sugar mill personnel
  • Repairs of the hydraulic drive, provision of spare parts and filtering elements
  • Annual technical diagnostics of the hydraulic drive and technical assistance to prepare the equipment to the next season.

By the moment, we have got more than 10-year experience in development, manufacturing and operating of hydraulic drives for inclined diffusers in Ukraine.

The following equipment is to be manufactured when changing from electrical transport system drive to hydraulic one:

Description Quantity
Reducer with gear ratio 1250 (assembled with toothed coupling)
End shafts
Synchronizing pair of gears
1 set
Mounts and supports for shafts
Hydraulic drive DA-3T.10 (with electric power and control system)
1 set

DA-3T diffusion unit



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