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The KGS-25 self-propelled crane based on a high-speed tracked chassis is a unique vehicle in its class. The crane has an excellent cross-country ability and is able to operate both on ice and unbroken snow ground in the trans-polar regions and on quick-sands of deserts. The crane is intended to carry out loading/unloading, civil engineering and installation work as well as emergency restoration work. The crane can  also be used when carrying out prospecting and development of oil and gas fields located in the areas that are difficult of access for wheeled vehicles as well as when there is a need for long distance travels between places of work.

The telescopic boom makes it possible to lift objects of up to 25 t to a height of up to 10 m. The height of lifting can be further increased up to 40 m in case the auxiliary equipment is used.

The crane can be delivered to its regular workplace or to places of work located at remote areas either under its own power or by being transported by any other vehicle transportation means. The crane has no equals in moving cross-country, however, it can also move on asphalt roads by using tracks with removable rubber pads.

Technical characteristics: 

Parameter description Parameter value
Load moment  80 t·m 
Crane capacity (on supports)  25 t 
Crane capacity (without supports)  8-10 t 
Minimum overhang (on supports)  3.2 m 
Vehicle Weight 42 t 
Height of maximum load lifting  10 m 
Crane power engine capacity  73.5 kW (100 hp) 
Engine capacity  520 kW (710 hp)
Operational temperature range -40 to +40 °C
Travelling speed:
  • average on dry natural soil road 
34-40 km/h 
  • on road
65 km/h

Fuel distance:

  • on dry natural soil road 
500-600 km
Gradient within 32°
Fording 1.3 m
Ground pressure 0.8 kgf/cm2

KGS-25 Special Tracked Crane

KGS-25 Special Tracked Crane

 KGS-25 Special Tracked Crane

KGS-25 Special Tracked Crane

KGS-25 Special Tracked Crane

KGS-25 Special Tracked Crane



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