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The Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB) began its way as a small team of designers of the Kharkiv Locomotive Plant's technical office set up to design a fast tank in 1927, and nowadays has become one of the world's leading firms engaged in designing and upgrading the main battle tanks and tracked engineer vehicles.

The product range of the Design Bureau includes such well-known vehicles as the BT series tanks, the T-34 tank, which was the most numerous and best tank of the Second World War, the Voroshilovets and AT-T prime movers.

High technical level of these vehicles was proved by their long service with the army and participation in combat engagements. Relative simplicity and reliability of their design combined with high technical characteristics made their volume production and wide operational use possible.

Over the years the enterprise has gained a wide experience in designing and creating military armoured vehicles, embodied in modern products of the Design Bureau.

The main achievements of the KMDB of today are the T-80UD, Oplot and Yatagan main battle tanks, MT-T carrier prime mover and engineer vehicles based on its chassis, as well as sophisticated computer-based training aids. The KMDB is also engaged in developing upgrade packages for various armoured vehicles.

The T-84 main battle tank is one of the most modern tanks embodying the recent achievements in the field of machine-building, engine-building, artillery, radio and electronics, materials science.

The tank, apart from having high firepower, protection and mobility characteristics, is able to operate in all climatic zones within the temperature range of -40 to + 55°C. Its distinguishing features include the ability to fire both conventional ammunition and guided missiles, the capability of crossing water obstacles to a water depth of 1.8 m without preparation, availability of self-entrenching devices and the Varta optronic countermeasures system. The tank is also fitted with attachment points for installation of a mine-clearing system. Two-stroke multi-fuel turbo-piston diesel engine develops 1,200 hp and ensures high mobility including high speed of cross-country running.


Main battle tank T-80UD

Main battle tank T-84

The KMDB of today is an enterprise with a full range of capabilities which designs and manufactures prototype vehicles as well as testing them. The Design Bureau has a staff of a highly qualified design engineers, its own production facilities, equipped with all major equipment required for tank production. The Design Bureau possesses a field trial lot with a proving ground where firepower and automotive characteristics of the vehicles can be determined by trials. The research and test facilities with a large number of special-purpose test-benches make it possible to test and improve all main assemblies and systems of tanks and other military tracked vehicles. Due to it, the testing and final elaboration periods in general are considerably shortened.

Main battle tank T-84

Mastering of sophisticated armament and military vehicles in army units is impossible without modern training aids. Developments of the KMDB in this field include integrated operating models describing the general layout of the tank, commander and gunner training simulators, driver training simulator, wall posters, charts and stands.

Apart from designing military tracked vehicles, the enterprise does a lot of work in designing machines and vehicles for civil use. For example, the KGS-25 crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 25 t and the BG-1 bulldozer with a traction capacity of up to 20 tonnes have been designed on the basis of the MT-T prime mover and put into series production. The Design Bureau has also designed equipment for sugar industry and the BZM-1M drill setting machine for thin coal layer mining. The KMDB has designed and manufactures production equipment for non-ferrous metallurgy.

At present the enterprise strives to increase its high scientific and technical level and is ready to co-operate with all those interested.

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