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In the 1990s the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau was also engaged in collaborative ventures with foreign partners. In particular, it participated in the development of the new Pakistani Al Khalid main battle tank by ensuring integration of the Ukrainian-made power pack into the tank design and supplying the complete power pack (engine, transmission and cooling system) ready for installation in the vehicle to Pakistan. Pilot production of the Al-Khalid was undertaken at the Heavy Industries Taxila in Pakistan. The first of pilot vehicles was completed in March 2001, with the remainder being completed by July in the same year. The pilot production vehicles were handed over to the Pakistani Army late in July 2001.

In co-operation with the Sagem company of France and the Czech PSP Bohemia company the KMDB developed the T-72MP tank in an effort to introduce Western technology in the Soviet-designed T-72 tank which was in service in many countries of the world. The T-72MP was fitted with a French Sagem SAVAN15 fire-control system as well as being upgraded in the areas of protection and mobility. The tank underwent extensive trials in Ukraine and the Czech republic and was demonstrated at various international exhibitions including the IDET exhibition (Brno, Czech republic) in 1997 and 1999 and the EuroSatory exhibition (Le Bourget, France) in 1998.

In the rapidly-changing and highly competitive market-place of the 1990s, it was necessary to respond quickly to customer's requirement. The most effective way to achieve this can often be by corroborative ventures, and therefore the KMDB also collaborated in tank development with companies from Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and other countries. In particular, the T-84 MBT was fitted with a German-designed navigation system to meet the specific requirement of a potential customer.

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