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T-12 Medium Tank
T-24 Medium Tank
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T-35 Heavy Tank
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T-34M Medium Tank
T-44 Tank Project
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T-44 Medium Tank
Product 416 Tank Prototype
T-54 Medium Tank
T-55 Medium Tank
OT-54, TO-55 and Obiekt 483Flame Thrower Tanks
Product 430 Medium Tank Prototype
T-64 Main Battle Tank
T-64A Main Battle Tank
T-64B Main Battle Tank
T-64BV Main Battle Tank
Obiekt 476 Tank Prototype
T-80UD Main Battle Tank
T-84 Main Battle Tank
T-72 Battle Tank Upgrade
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Installation of hydraulic transmissions on variuos vehicles and systems and development of hydraulic units, hydraulic transmissions and hydraulic equipment is another field of scientific and production activities of the SE KMDB.

We are offering the following:

  • calculation of hydraulic systems on the basis of modern methods
  • optimal selection of components
  • delivery of hydraulic equipment
  • input control (if required)
  • after-sale service
  • technical assistance during installation and commissioning of hydraulic transmission
  • training of maintenance personnel


When compared with another types of transmission (mechanical and electrical transmissions), hydraulic transmission has a number of the following advantages:

  • it enables smooth control of the speed
  • it has high traction and power-to-weight parameters
  • high operating speed
  • reliable operation and efficient protection from overloading.

Wide experience gained by experts of the SE KMDB in development, manufacturing, operation of hydrailic transmissions and comprehensive information about the market of hydraulic equipment enables us to solve difficult technical tasks.

The SE KMDB has its own production and test facilities equipped with modern test benches and measuring equipment.

Test bentch for hydraulic equipment

The SE KMDB is also working in the field of mechanical engineering for construction industry, road making industry, metallurgy, food industry and for agriculture.

Our hydrostatic transmissions are used in the following products:

Our works feature comprehensive approach that includes diagnosis of equipment and its repair or replacement with modern equipment, development and manufacturing of new hydraulic transmissions, hydraulic machines (pumps and hydraulic motors) and hydraulic units.


hydraulic equipment

hydraulic equipment



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