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Yatagan Main Battle Tank - Armament

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

The Yatagan MBT armament includes a 120mm gun with chrome plated barrel, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, and 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun. The tank crew is also equipped with sub-machine guns and a signal pistol.

The main armament comprises a  120mm smoothbore gun to fire NATO-standard ammunition. The gun is fed by a bustle autoloader and fitted with a thermal sleeve and fume extractor (bore evacuator). The gun has a quick-replacement barrel which can be changed under field conditions without the need to remove the gun from the tank.

A total of 40 rounds of ammunition are carried. The bustle-mounted automatic loader contains 22 rounds of ready-use ammunition with a further 16 rounds stowed in the additional stowage place - the conveyer located in the hull, and two more rounds are stored in the fighting compartment. Types of ammunition that can be fired by the gun include rounds of all types and purposes developed in compliance with NATO standards - STANAG 4385 and STANAG 4110 (APFSDS-T, HEAT-MP-T etc), as well as Ukrainian-made laser beam-riding guided missiles.

The coaxial machine gun can be aimed and fired either from the gunner's or commander's station.


Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan MBT with turret traversed to the right 

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan MBT (rear view) clearly showing the turret bustle containing the automatic loader conveyor 
The anti-aircraft machine gun is mounted on the commander's cupola and is intended for use in the ground/air and ground/ground roles being aimed and fired from within the turret from the commander's station. It has a good capability against medium and light armoured vehicles. The 12.7mm machine gun has electric power traverse and elevation. The machine gun can be elevated from -5° to +70° and traversed through +/-75° to the right and left of the vehicle longitudinal axis, or through +360° together with the tank turret. The machine gun is fitted with a vertical stabilisation system providing stabilisation in the vertical angle range of -3° to +20°.


Yatagan Main Battle Tank
KT-12.7 anti-aircraft machine gun



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