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Yatagan Main Battle Tank - main characteristics

The Yatagan MBT is a further development of the Oplot MBT fitted with a NATO 120mm smoothbore gun fed by a bustle-mounted automatic loader.

The Yatagan MBT uses locally produced components and subsystems, although systems of foreign origin can be incorporated at the customer's request.

This MBT was designed in 2000. Its design features the technical solutions tested during modernisation of  T-72-120 battle tank.

In some publications the Yatagan MBT was also referred to as the KERN2-120 (name of prototype) or the T-84-120.

Yatagan MBT Specifications

Parameter Measurement unit Value
  • length (gun forward)
m 9.664
  • length (hull)
m 7.705
  • width (over tracks)
m 3.595
  • width (with skirts)
m 3.775
  • height (turret roof)
m 2.215
  • height (including roof-mounted 12.7mm MG)
m 2.76
Ground clearance m 0.515
Track width m 0.58
Track m 2.8
Length of track on ground m 4.29
General characteristics
Crew   3
Combat weight t 48
Power-to-weight ratio hp/t 25
Ground pressure kg/cm² 0.93
Max road speed km/h 65
Average cross-country speed km/h 45-50
Fuel capacity lt 1300
Operating temperature range °C -40 to +55
Cruising range
  • road
km 540
  • cross-country
km 350-400
  • without preparation
m 1.8
  • with preparation
m 5
Gradient % 63
Side slope % 36
Vertical obstacle m 1
Trench m 2.85
Engine Model 6TD-2 twin-stroke, multi-fuel, liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine, fuel injected, developing 1,200 hp at 2,600 rpm
  • capacity
hp 1,200
  • at crankshaft rotation speed
rpm 2,600
Transmission mechanical, epicycle train with 7 forward and 5 reverse gears
Suspension torsion bar
  • main
120mm smoothbore gun
  • coaxial
7.62mm KT-7.62 machine gun
  • anti-aircraft
12.7mm KT-12.7 machine gun
  • for main armament
rds 40 (22 in automatic loader)
  • for coaxial machine gun
rds 4,000
  • for anti-aircraft machine gun
rds 450

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

Yatagan Main Battle Tank

General arrangement drawing of the Yatagan MBT



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