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The upgraded T-72 MBT is fitted with a weapons-and-fire control system which enables the gunner to fire at stationary and moving targets while the tank is stationary or on the move with a high first round hit probability.

The specific feature of the tank consists in installation of a guided weapon system which enables the gun to fire laser- beam-riding guided missiles and to engage targets with a probability of at least 0.9 at ranges of up to 4000 m. The guided weapon system also enables the tank to engage hovering helicopters which fire from a distance beyond the engagement range of conventional tank armament.

Guided missile can be fired at a moving target while the own vehicle is on the move. The missile is fitted with a tandem warhead to make it possible to defeat targets equipped with explosive reactive armour or modern multi-layer armour with enhanced protection against chemical energy ammunition.

The upgrade ensures the following enhanced capabilities for the gunner:

  • increase of effective firing range by day and at night of up to 2000 m when the tank is stationary or on the move
  • increase of target detection range by day and night of up to 7000 m, with target recognition range being increased up to 4000 m
  • ability to measure target distances of up to 4000 m by day with a probability of 0.9 by means of using a laser range-finder fitted with a amplitude/time selection capability
  • capability of firing a guided missile at ranges of up to 5000 m
  • automatic allowance for deviation of the current firing conditions from the normal ones with the aid of a high-accuracy digital ballistic computer

The weapons-and-fire control system consists of the following:

  • SKAT-M thermal sighting system based on the MATIS thermal camera and fitted with a built-in range-finder
  • tank’s guided weapon system consisting of a missile guidance laser beam channel, LKU electronic unit, and 9S601 voltage converter
  • tank ballistic computer (LIO-V72)
  • muzzle reference system (SUIT)
  • gun position sensor (DPP)
  • pitch and tilt sensor (DKT)
  • tank speed sensor (DST)
  • turret traverse sensor (DPB)
  • charge temperature sensor (DTZ)
  • meteorological sensor (DSA)
  • protection unit
  • information conversion unit (BPI-72)

The LIO-V72 computer together with TPD-K1 and SKAT-M enable the operator to fire all types of ammunition.

The weapons-and-fire control system carries out automatic calculation of firing data and introduction of the data into the sight or the stabiliser through the ballistic computer.

The SKAT-M thermal sight comprises a gunner’s optronic instrument, monitor and commander’s control panel. The thermal sight enables the gunner to detect and engage targets under almost all weather conditions at big distances and with a high accuracy. This capability is a great advantage when operating in poor visibility or in the hours of darkness. The thermal sight also makes it possible to disregard some common visibility hindrances, such as battlefield smoke.


OSKOL Fire Control System for T-72 MBT Upgrade

OSKOL Fire Control System

OSKOL Fire Control System

OSKOL Fire Control System



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