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The Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau offers an up-to-date training system for the personnel of tank troops - tank crew mobile simulator.

Use of this facility for training and recurrent training of tank crew, if compared with training on real tanks, makes it possible to achieve the following without any degradation of training efficiency:

  • to form efficient skills in the troops' actions
  • to exclude any possibility of damaging fighting vehicles in case of erroneous actions of the troops
  • to reduce expenditures for training by means of saving fuel, service life of fighting vehicles and ammunition
  • to prevent accidents when training the tank crews
  • to train crew both as a whole, and separately - driver, gunner and commander
  • to conduct teaching and training not only in the specialised training centers, but in the units permanent places of disposition
  • to join in the groups for joint training in composition of tactical platoon or company simulator

During training, the trainees are enabled to carry out the following exercises:

  • Tank driver:
    • Pre-starting preparation, start-up and warming-up the engine
    • Operation with NBC system
    • Driving the tank over training track of various terrain profiles, type of soil, by day and night time, under different weather conditions, including surmounting the obstacles
  • Gunner and tank commander:
    • Firing the main gun, coaxial and anti-aircraft machine guns in static and on the move, by day and night time, under different weather conditions
  • ...As well as
    • Study design, operation, basics of use and system maintenance, units and assemblies, positioned at tank crew working stations
    • Exercise crew's inteaction using intercom means
    • Drill the tank crew actions in case the systems, units and assemblies are in emergency state

In training, the instructor can do the following:

  • Choose the exercise type
  • Define initial conditions for carrying out the exercises
  • Simulate emergency situations
  • Control the trainee actions using intercom and loudspeaker means
  • Monitor and change the tank disposition on the training track
  • Monitor the sights and obervation devices field of view, condition of light indicators and controls
  • Monitor and change disposition, number and type of targets on the terrain map
  • Enter the database the trainee's actions on selective basis taking into account the mistakes made
  • Reproduce the trainee's record actions on the monitor screen for making their analysis
  • Print-out the exercise results in the form of an exam sheet

Simulator composition

The simulator is mounted in a standard 20-foot marine container, which enables to transport it by standard transport means.

The simulator consists of:

  • Driver's module consisting of:
    • Dynamic platform providing for the 3D-swinging the cabin
    • Cabin simulating the driver's workplace therein with the operative controls, instrumentation, NBC, intercom means, observation devices and monitor, etc.
  • Gunner's and commander's modules consist of the following parts:
    • Dynamic platform providing for the 3D-swinging the cabin
    • Combined cabins simulating the gunner's and commander's workplaces therein with the operative sight mock-ups, observation devices, commander's and gunner's boards, intercom means and monitors, etc.

Instructor's workplace is a working desk with manipulator of the “mouse” type thereon and with rigid monitors on the wall.

Racks with built-in control system apparatus also rigid on the wall comprise working stations based on Intel processors and graphics controllers from Nvіdіa, designed for providing the operation of mathematical models and visualization.

Software is configured on the Windows operational system and includes:

  • Functional logic models of the whole equipment, arranged at the tank crew work stations
  • Dynamic model of tank moving parts
  • Dynamic model of moving tank on the terrain
  • Audio models
  • 3D high resolution model of road route situation with photo realistic textures
  • 3D high resolution models of targets, etc.

The power to the tank crew simulator can be supplied both from the electricity network and from the external power supply source.

Tank crew mobile simulator

Tank crew mobile simulator

Tank crew mobile simulator



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