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The Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau offers an up-to-date training system for the personnel of tank troops - tabletop tank gunner trainer.

Use of this facility for tank gunner training, if compared with gunner training on real tanks, makes it possible to achieve the following without any degradation of training efficiency:

  • to form efficient skills in the gunner’s actions
  • to exclude any possibility of damaging fighting vehicles in case the gunner makes a mistake
  • to reduce expenditures on the training by means of saving fuel, ammunition and service life of fighting vehicles
  • to prevent accidents when training the tank gunner

During training, the trainees are enabled to carry out the following exercises:

  • firing the main gun and coaxial machine gun while the vehicle is stationary or moving, by day and night under various weather conditions
  • practising the tank gunner’s actions in case there occur emergencies in the operation of the systems, sub-assemblies and units

When teaching the trainees, the instructor is enabled to do the following:

  • to select various exercises
  • to pre-set the initial conditions for exercises to be carried out
  • to introduce simulated emergencies
  • to check and change the position of the tank on the driving practice track
  • to control the field of view of the sights and observation devices, the state of the indicators and controls
  • to check and change the position, number and types of targets on the terrain map
  • to enter information about the trainee’s actions into the data base with taking into account his mistakes
  • to re-produce the recorded trainee’s actions on the monitor screen in order to analyse them
    to print out the results of the exercises in the form of an examination card

The gunner trainer includes the following:

  • Gunner training station fitted with operating models of sights, observation devices, gunner’s control panel, monitors, power supply source, etc.
  • Instructor’s workstation, which includes a working table with two monitors installed thereon and mouse-type manipulators
  • Workstations based on the up-to-date processors (Intel) and graphic controllers (Nvidia) intended to ensure the operation of mathematical models and visualisation
  • Connection device intended to coordinate the operation of mathematical models, simulators of devices

Software based on the Windows NT operational system and includes the following:

  • models of the functional logic of all the equipment located at the tank gunner’s station
  • models of the dynamics of tank’s moving units
  • models of the dynamics of the vehicle moving on the terrain sound models
  • three-axis high-detail model of road situation with photo image textures
  • three-axis high-detail models of targets; etc.

Tabletop Tank Gunner Trainer

Tabletop Tank Gunner Trainer

Tabletop Tank Gunner Trainer

Tabletop Tank Gunner Trainer

Tabletop Tank Gunner Trainer



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