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The operating model is intended for studying the design of transmission control linkages, mastering the procedure of linkages maintenance and performing practical work for adjusting tank control linkages.

The operating model design makes it possible to study the construction, principle of its operation and arrangement of control linkages and hydraulic control system of gear-boxes (GB), adjustment of the control linkages.

Main specifications:

Description of parameters Value
Mass of operating model without packing 918 kg
Overall dimensions  3.395x2.22x1.47 m
Working temperature of ambient air  - 5 to + 50 °C

Operating model configuration and design

The operating model of control linkages (Fig.l) contains frame 13, imitating the rear and front part of the tank hull and mounting the linkages of:

  • brakes 1;
  • gear shift 2;
  • transmission disengagement (clutch) linkage 3;
  • turning control 4;
  • fuel pump control 5;
  • fuel feed limiter 10.

To reduce the operating model overall dimensions the linkage rods running from the front part of the operating model to the rear one are made of short size with adjustment locations being preserved. The operating model frame holds the following assembly units for simulation:

  • GB hydraulic control system simulator 9;
  • GB simulators 7 with distribution mechanisms 8 mounted thereon;
  • simulator 6 of fuel controller and engine shutdown mechanism.

GB intake filters 12 are mounted in the lower part of the frame under the GB simulators.

The oil radiator and hydraulic control system hoses are not mounted.

The operating model frame is mounted on posts 11.

To provide for studying the control linkages, adjusting and repairing, if necessary, the operating model is provided with a single SPTA kit.

T-84 tank control linkages operating model

T-84 tank control linkages operating model

 T-84 tank control linkages operating model



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