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Purpose and procedure for mounting the model

The model is intended for studying the electrical equipment and systems mounted in the tank hull, their arrangement, and mastering the technique of mounting and dismantling works to be conducted.

The model design makes it possible to study the design, principle of operation and arrangement of general electrical equipment in the tank, as well as its systems and separate assemblies which use power supply.

Main specifications:

Description of parameters Value
Model weight 3,454 kg
Overall dimensions 6.18x3.37x2.58 m
Admissible ambient air temperature  -5 to +50 °C
Duration of continuous operation  6 h
Electrical parameters  
DC voltage 27 V
DC consumption  75 A
AC voltage  220/380 V
AC consumption  15 A
Model power consumption  2.5 kW

Model configuration

The model (Fig. 1) comprises tank hull simulator 19 with turret simulator 4 mounted thereon, as well as control board 12 and generator unit 11 being mounted on a separate plate.

The hull and turret includes the following equipment mounted at their standard positions:

  • hull with built-in electrical equipment 16;
  • intercom and switching equipment 18;
  • driver's seat 20;
  • driver's hatch 3;
  • driver's vision devices 2;
  • mock-up 1 of vision devices cleaning system;
  • NBC system 5 including the mock-up 17 of fire fighting equipment;
  • mock-up 7 for oil injection and autonomous flame heating system;
  • mock-up 9 of fuel supply system;
  • mock-up 10 of smoke starting system;
  • mock-up 13 of the engine;
  • mock-up 8 of power assembly;
  • mock-up 15 of heating system;
  • mock-up 21 of air inlet system;
  • mock-up 6 of air intake pipe;
  • rear plate pump 14;
  • reduction gears 22 with speedometer and tachometer sensors.

The generator unit comprises asynchronous AC electric motor and standard generator. Electrical equipment in the hull, intercom and switching equipment and NBC system are in the working state. The other units and assemblies are non-working simulators of the systems.


Fig. 1. Electrical equipment and systems operating model.

1 –mock-up of vision devices cleaning system ; 2 - driver's vision devices; 3 - driver's hatch; 4 – turret simulator ; 5 - NBC system; 6 – mock-up of air intake pipe; 7 – mock-up for oil injection and autonomous flame heating system; 8 – mock-up of power assembly; 9 – mock-up of fuel supply system ; 10 - mock-up of smoke starting system ; 11 - generator unit; 12 - SG control board ; 13 - mock-up of the engine; 14 - rear plate pump ; 15 - mock-up of heating system ; 16 hull with built-in electrical equipment; 17- mock-up of fire fighting equipment; 18 - intercom and switching equipment; 19 – hull simulator; 20 -driver's seat; 21 - mock-up air inlet system; 22 - reduction gears with speedometer and tachometer sensors.

T-84 tank electrical equipment and systems operating model

T-84 tank electrical equipment and systems operating model

T-84 tank electrical equipment and systems operating model

T-84 tank electrical equipment and systems operating model

Fig. 1



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