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The operating model is intended for studying the design of engine systems, learning the technique of mounting and dismantling and practical maintenance of the tank.

The operating model design makes it possible to study the design, principle of operation and arrangement of the engine systems, perform all kinds of engine systems maintenance except actual filling in the lubrication and cooling systems with oil and lubricant, as well as to shift the air intake unit (AIU) pipe in the upper and lower positions.

The operating model should be operated in a closed room, the carrying structure of which can carry additional load of not less than 3 tons due to the weight of the installed operating model.

The operating model specifications are given below:

Description of parameters Value
Mass of operating model without packing  2,695 kg
Overall dimensions  2.76x2.79x1.61 m
Admissible ambient air rtemperature - 5 to + 50 °C

The operating model of engine systems (Fig. 1) comprises frame 6 simulating the rear part of the tank hull with simulator 6 of powerpack compartment top deck mounted thereon. Inside the frame and powerpack compartment top deck simulator the non-working simulators of the following systems are installed:

  • engine7;
  • cooling system 4;
  • pre-heater and heating system 11;
  • lubrication system 8;
  • air supply system 3;
  • exhaust gas system 5;
  • air intake unit 2;

as well as working simulator of bypass gas duct valve drive 10.

The operating model frame is mounted on pillars 9.

To provide for equipment studying, mounting, dismantling and maintenance, and repair, if necessary, the individual SPTA kit for this operating model is enclosed.

T-84 tank engine systems operating model

T-84 tank engine systems operating model

T-84 tank engine systems operating model

T-84 tank engine systems operating model



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