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The training projection system is intended to facilitate the study of the tank design and components.

Training is conducted with the help of training programs and video films. Operation of the training programs can be caried out in demonstrative or interactive modes and is accompanied by required visual and audible information.

The maximum size of the image on the screen is 8x6 m at resolution of 1024x768 pixels and  definition in depth of up to 24 bits. This ensures the image characteristics sufficient for in-group training.

The demonstrative mode provides explanation of the principles of operation of the system components and their interaction. In so doing, it is possible to stop the demonstration and re-play separate demonstration program sections.

The interactive mode makes it possible to simulate the operation of the units and mechanisms of the system and the process of interaction between the system and the operators in standard working modes as well as in emergencies. In so doing, the instructor can pre-set both the environmental parameters and the system condition. The monitor screen (or the projector screen) displays the arrangement and appearance of the system components, the state of the system controls as well as actuating devices. Besides, the screen dispalys the functional connections between separate components of the system being studied and other systems, the direction of electric system flow as well as flow of fuel, oil, coolant and air. The interactive mode also provides comments on mistakes and wrong actions of trainees. Besides, it is possible at any moment to receive informaton about the functioning of the system, its separate components and their operation rules.

The training projection system comprises the following:

  • switching box;
  • computer;
  • video tape recorder;
  • projector;
  • projecting a screen;
  • sound system;
  • uninterrupted power supply device.

UPK - Training Projection System

UPK - Training Projection System



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