The State-owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (SOE KMDB) is offering its services in development of software for computer games, video and other applications related to virtual reality.

Throughout the history of its activities the SOE KMDB has been involved in the development of various simulators intended to train the crews and maintenance personnel of fighting vehicles. In doing so, a wide experience has been gained in various areas of realistic simulation.

Over the last decade, the development efforts in the above area have been concentrated on computer-based modeling. The SOE KMDB set up a software developing department. Activities of the department have resulted in development of a large variety of various simulators, including motion system-based ones. Due to a high quality of realistic simulation, these simulators make it possible to partially or even completely eliminate the need to use expensive real vehicles for crew training purposes.

As can be seen from the screen-shots available on this page as well as from the movie about the simulators, the virtual reality being developed by our programmers resembles computer games that are so popular nowadays , as both the former and the latter are based on similar software and are intended to achieve similar goals.

Our developments are distinguished by: