SE KMDB in cooperation with Desarrollos Industriales Casanave S.A. has developed an upgrade package for the Peruvian T-55 tank. The upgraded vehicle is designated T-55M8A2 Typhoon. This upgrade package makes it possible to enhance the main characteristics of the T-55 almost up to the level of up-to-date tanks.

In order to enhance all its main combat, technical and operational characteristics, it is fitted with the following:

  • Power pack with 5TDFM engine
  • Improved running gear
  • Automated movement control system with a steering handlebar control
  • Additional passive protection, built-in explosive reactive armour, optronic countermeasures system, and new fire suppression system
  • Up-to-date fire control system with over-ride facilities at the commander's station
  • Automatic loader
  • Anti-aircraft machine gun that can be aimed and fired from within the turret under complete armour protection
  • New 125 mm calibre main gun


Parameter Value
Combat weight 46t
Crew 3
Average speed
on natural soil road 32-35 km/h
on highway 40-45 km/h
Maximum speed on highway 65-75 km/h
Ambient air temperatures admissible for tank operation -40 - +55 °С
Deep fording without preparation 1,8 m
Engine 5TDFMA, two-stroke liquid-cooled multi-fuel diesel with boxing pistons, with supercharging
Maximum power output 1050 h.p.
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