The Yatagan tank is the result of the improvement of the Oplot tank and its adaptation to the requirements of NATO standards. It is equipped with a 120-mm smooth-bore cannon and a loading mechanism located in the aft compartment of the tower.

Tank Yatagan is assembled from components of Ukrainian production, although it is envisaged (if the customer wishes) to install systems of foreign manufacturers.

This tank was created in 2000. When developing it, technical solutions were used that were tested during the modernization of the T-72-120 tank.

In some publications, it was called KERN2-120 (by the name of the prototype) or T-84-120.

The model of the YATAGAN tank and adapted to the demands of the Turkish army was presented at the IDEF exhibition in Ankara (Turkey) in 1999 and 2001.

Key Features

The tank "Yatagan" is a highly effective combat vehicle. The tank is equipped with powerful weapons, automatic loading, its armor provides an exceptionally high degree of protection against modern weapons; Its fire control system allows the crew to carry out combat missions, both during the day and at night in all weather conditions; The power plant is able to operate over a wide range of temperatures in different terrain, including mountainous areas with altitudes above sea level up to 3000 m. A large range of additional equipment can be installed on the tank.

The main goal of the development is the installation of a 120 mm NATO standard cannon in a tank, for which unitary shots of various types are placed in the automatic turret at the stern of the tower (22 rounds) and the rest in a mechanized packing in the hull.


The layout is made according to the classical type: in the front part of the case there is a control compartment with the driver's mechanic seat, behind it is the combat compartment, and in the stern of the tank is the engine-transmission compartment (MTO). The case has a multi-layer booking, consisting of sheets of armor and ceramic materials. It is also possible to attach dynamic protection blocks.


With regard to mobility, the Yatagan tank is similar to the Oplot tank.


The armament of the Yatagan tank consists of a 120-mm cannon with a chrome barrel, a 7.62 mm twin machine gun and a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun. The tank crew also has automatic weapons, grenades and a signal pistol.

The main armament is a 120-mm smooth-bore cannon for NATO standard ammunition, which is loaded with a conveyor type automatic loading device. The gun is equipped with an ejector of powder gases and a thermal jacket. The barrel of the gun is quick-detachable and can be replaced in the field without dismantling the gun from the tank.

The ammunition for the gun is forty shots (22 shots are placed in the conveyor of the automatic loading in the tower, 16 shots are placed in the auxiliary ammunition - the body conveyor, 2 shots are in the combat compartment). Ammunition of all types and types of destination, developed in accordance with NATO standards - STANAG 4385 and STANAG 4110 (APFSDS-T, HEAT-MP-T and others), as well as laser guided missiles from Ukraine are used.

The automatic loading device provides a rate of fire of 8 - 10 high / min. There are also modes of semi-automatic and manual loading of the gun with the use of ammunition in mechanized packing in the tank. All types and types of ammunition developed in accordance with NATO standards - STANAG 4385 and STANAG 4110 (APFSDS-T, HEAT-MP-T And others), as well as laser-guided rockets produced in Ukraine.

As an auxiliary weapon used 7.62-mm twin machine gun and 12.7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun with remote control, installed on the commander's hatch and allowing fire from inside the tank with closed hatches.

The coupled machine gun allows you to hit virgin target ranges up to 1600 m.

The ammunition of the twin machine gun is 1250 cartridges.

Shooting from a twin machine gun can be conducted from the place of a gunner or commander.

The anti-aircraft machine gun is located on the commander's hatch, it has remote control and is intended for firing at air and ground targets with closed hatches of the tank from the commander's place. The machine gun is effective for the defeat of medium- and light-armored vehicles. The machine guns are electric. The vertical guidance angle is -5 ° to + 70 °, along the horizon - in the range of +/- 750 at the rate, or 360 ° along with the tower of the tank. Vertically in the range of angles from -3 ° to + 20 ° the machine gun is stabilized. The ammunition of anti-aircraft machine gun is 450 cartridges.

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The main battle tank "Yatagan" has a combined protection system, including passive armor, built-in dynamic protection and a number of other tank defense devices optimized against temporary tanks destruction facilities and significantly reducing the tank's vulnerability from all types of anti-tank weapons.

The armored protection of the Yatagan tank, which includes modern multi-layer armor and a set of built-in second generation dynamic protection installed on the turret and body, provides the tank with a high level of survivability on the battlefield.

Built-in dynamic protection is so effective against cumulative ammunition that sometimes when a cumulative projectile hits a tank, the tank crew learns about this much later, after the battle. The integrated dynamic tank protection system has a modular design, so it can be easily replaced or upgraded as the corresponding dynamic protection technologies improve.

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Fire Control System
The Yatagan main battle tank is fitted with a fire control system derived from the Oplot MBT and adapted for the new armament. Its main specific feature is the ability to fire a barrel-launched 120mm guided missile.

Nowadays 120mm barrel-launched guided missiles are only designed and manufactured in Ukraine.

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Yatagan MBT Specifications
Parameter Measurement unit Value
length (gun forward) m 9.664
length (hull) m 7.705
width (over tracks) m 3.595
width (with skirts) m 3.775
height (turret roof) m 2.215
height (including roof-mounted 12.7mm MG) m 2.76
Ground clearance m 0.515
Track width m 0.58
Track m 2.8
Length of track on ground m 4.29
General characteristics
Crew 3
Combat weight t 48
Power-to-weight ratio hp/t 25
Ground pressure kg/cm² 0.93
Max road speed km/h 65
Average cross-country speed km/h 45-50
Fuel capacity lt 1300
Operating temperature range °C -40 to +55
Cruising range
road km 540
cross-country km 350-400
Fording without preparation m 1.8
Fording with preparation m 5
Gradient % 63
Side slope % 36
Vertical obstacle m 1
Trench m 2.85
Type Model 6TD-2 twin-stroke, multi-fuel, liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine, fuel injected, developing 1,200 hp at 2,600 rpm
capacity hp 1,200
at crankshaft rotation speed rpm 2,600
Type mechanical, epicycle train with 7 forward and 5 reverse gears
Type torsion bar
main 120mm smoothbore gun
coaxial 7.62mm KT-7.62 machine gun
anti-aircraft 12.7mm KT-12.7 machine gun
for main armament rds 40 (22 in automatic loader)
for coaxial machine gun rds 4,000
for anti-aircraft machine gun rds 450

Yatagan | MorozovKMDB Yatagan | MorozovKMDB Yatagan | MorozovKMDB Yatagan | MorozovKMDB