The operating model is designed to provide studying and acquisition of practical skills and knowledge for operation with the tank auto-loader.

Besides, the model makes it possible to study and finish off the procedure for recovery of wrongly-set adjustments in the auto-loader as well as to master the methods for preventing the delays caused by not-standard operator’s actions.

Parameter Value
Weight 4,200 kg
Conveyer capacity 28 dummy rounds
Drive electro-hydraulic
Power consumption

4.5 kW

(direct current source)

Ambient working temperature ± 50 0C
Overall dimensions 2.7 x 2.3 x 1.65 m
Autoloader Operating Model | MorozovKMDB
Model configuration

The model comprises frame with turret simulator and conveyer race-ring, gun simulator and cabin. All auto-loader assembly units are mounted in the cabin, frame upper plate, turret simulator race-ring, gun simulator guard shield in a manner similar to their arrangement in the tank.

The main assembly units of the auto-loader:

  • conveyer with trays
  • conveyer traversing mechanism
  • feeding mechanism handle
  • round rammer
  • cartridge case stub catcher
  • electrical diagram of the auto-loader
  • hydraulic system of the auto-loader
Autoloader Operating Model | MorozovKMDB