The operating model is intended for studying the running gear and transmission design. The operating model should be operated in a closed room, the carrying structures can carry additional load not less than 5 tons due to the weight of the installed operating model. The ambient air temperature should be within minus 5°C to plus 50°C.
Main specifications and design
Parameter Value
Operating model weight (without packing) 2,190 kg
Overall dimensions 2.95x1.48x1.10 m

Operating model configuration and design

The operating model consists of frame imitating the front and rear part of the left side and bottom of the tank. The frame carries brackets of the track tension mechanism, suspensions and support roller, balance beam rests, shock absorber rests axles and gearbox case in a manner similar to the welded-on pieces in the tank.

The front part includes idler with track tension mechanism, front suspension with road wheel and shock absorber.

The rear part includes gearbox with driving sprocket, rear suspension with road wheel, shock absorber with driving sprocket cleaner.

The frame middle part is equipped with track support roller. A tree-link track section is also available.

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