The navigation system is included into the tank control system and serves to automate the fulfilment of interaction between tanks within a tank unit in order to command its manoeuvres. Installation of the LIO-N system in the tank ensures the following:

  • determining the tank's own coordinates with the help of two satellite systems: GPS NAVSTAR (USA) and GLONASS (Russia);
  • collecting (with the help of the standard radio set) information about the location of the subordinate tanks and displaying this information on the screen;
  • generating, transmitting, receiving and displaying the text information (the information is input with the help of a keyboard and is transmitted through a digital radio channel by using the standard radio set);
  • storing and processing the pre-determined routes;
  • providing the driver with information about the movement direction required in order to reach the next route check-point.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Accuracy (standard deviation) of determining the tank location coordinates when using the systems:
Number of routes that can be pre-determined up to 10
Number of check-points in each routes up to 50
Time of transmission and reception of information in the digital radio channel and the communications coverage distance are determined by the characteristics of the standard communications means
for R-173M radio set within 1 sec
Communication distance
for R-173M radio set up to 20 km
Accuracy of presenting the current time (with allowance for the time zone) 1 sec
Readiness time:
at 'cold' start within 180 sec
at 'hot' start within 15 sec
Built-in test systems available
collection of information about the location of subordinate tanks, transmission of the coordinates of destination points and text information are ensured in military units up to tank battalion level inclusively

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