Power plant with a 6TD-2 engine with a power of 1200 hp. And reversible side gearboxes ensures the movement of the tank in any climatic conditions, including at an ambient temperature of up to + 55 ° C and a high dust content of the air without limiting the speed characteristics. The power plant is compact, reliable, easy to maintain and operate.

Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Overall dimensions
Length 1,602 mm
Width 955 mm
Height 581 mm
Volume 3.2 m³
Model 6TD-2
Type 2-stroke 6-cylinder liquid-cooled multi-fuel diesel engine with horizontal placement of cylinders and opposed pistons
Maximum power output 882 kW (1,200 hp)
Specific fuel consumption at maximum power output 218 g/kW-h (160 g/hp-h)
Weight 1,180 kg
Power transmission
Type mechanical transmission with 2 side planetary gearboxes and hydraulic control, with 7 forward gears and one reverse gear.
Final drives Reversive side final drives, which are placed coaxially with gearboxes, ensure additional 4 reverse gears
Power Pack Compartment with 6TD-2 Engine | MorozovKMDB