The upgraded T-72 tank is equipped with a fire control system that ensures that the gunner fires on stationary and moving targets from a place and in motion with a high probability of falling from the first shot.

A special feature of the tank is the presence of guided weapons that allow fire from the cannon with guided missiles with laser guidance and target targets with a probability of at least 0.9 at ranges up to 4000 m. The guided weapons also provide the tank with the ability to hit helicopters hovering over the battlefield firing from inaccessible For conventional tank armament distance.

Shooting a missile can be carried out in motion along a moving target. The missile has a tandem warhead that allows it to hit targets equipped with dynamic defense, as well as modern multi-layer armor, which has improved characteristics to protect against cumulative ammunition.



The LIO-B72 product together with the sight of TPD-K1 and SKAT-M allow shooting all types of ammunition.

KUO performs automatic calculation of firing data and their entry into the sight or stabilizer through a ballistic computer.
The thermal sight SCAT-M includes an optoelectronic gunner's device, a monitor and a commander's control panel.

The thermal imaging sight allows the gunner to detect targets and fire on them practically at any weather conditions at long ranges and with high accuracy, which is a big advantage when working in conditions of poor visibility, as well as in the dark. The thermal imaging sight also allows you to ignore the presence of some common obstructions to observation, such as smoke-specific smoke.

The proposed upgrade provides the gunner:

  • Increase the range of effective shooting day and night to 2000 m from the spot and on the move
  • Increase the range of target detection day and night to 7000 m and recognition up to 4000 m
  • Measuring the range in the daytime up to 4000 m with a probability of 0.9 due to the use of a laser rangefinder with an amplitude-time selection circuit (ABC)
  • Firing guided missiles up to 5000 m
  • Automatic registration of deviations of shooting conditions from normal with the help of a high-precision digital ballistic computer
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