1G46M gunner's sight

Makes it possible to fire in night through the thermal sight using the angle sensor of 1G46M sight. Compensation of central aiming mark drift up to 2 mils/min during 1 hour of the fire control system operation.

Firepower Enhancement | MorozovKMDB
TKN-5 commander's sight

Increasing of the commander firing accuracy in the override mode due to introducing of the autonomous range-finder. Makes it possible to fire at the moving target due to introducing of the side lead unit.

Firepower Enhancement | MorozovKMDB
2E42M stabilizer

Increasing the over-travelling speed of the turret laying in azimuth up to 35-40°/s instead of 16 to 24°/s.

Improvement of the main gun stabilization accuracy:

  • in elevation - 0.2 mils
  • in azimuth - 0.4 mils
Muzzle reference system

Increasing of firing accuracy due to automatic correction of aiming and lead angles calculated by the ballistic computer with taking into account of thermal bend of the barrel caused by the sun radiation or by its own heating during intensive firing.

Accuracy of the muzzle reference system is 0.1 mrad.

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"Kombat" guided missile

When fired from the gun of the moving or stationary tank, the missile is intended to destroy the following :

  • objects, having combined, separated or solid armour;
  • armoured targets such as armoured transporters;
  • helicopters.

Control system is semiautomatic, ensuring teleorientation in the beam of the quantum generator with wave length l = 1.06 µ, tracked by the gunner from the control panel of the sight.

Active and passive interference resistance is provided.

Parameter Value
Weight 33 kg
Method of transportation and storage in the tank in standard allowance of ammunition
Range of fire in the guided mode 500 to 5,000 m
Flight time at maximum distance 17.5s
Hit probability at distances
up to 4,000 m 0.9
4,000 - 5,000 m 0.8
Rate of fire without throw-over of the line of firing 2 to 3 shots/min
Firepower Enhancement | MorozovKMDB