The Automatic Transmission Control System (ATCS) is designed to improve mobility and steerability of battle tanks under various road conditions, and to reduce fatigue of the driver.

The ATCS is used:

  • to pull away from a standstill, move forward and backward
  • to select gears of transmission automatically in accordance with road conditions
  • to change the turning radius smoothly
  • to provide built-in self-test of the control equipment
  • to ignore incorrect inputs of the driver when shifting to the reverse mode
  • to provide manual (backup) control of the transmission within three forward and three reverse gears

Major components:

  • electronic control unit
  • controls (steering handles, gear lever, reverse lever, clutch pedal, brake pedal)
  • transmission current status control unit
  • electronic splitter (left, right)
  • indication panel
  • actuators (electro-hydraulic distributors for left and right gearbox, electro-hydro-mechanical engine governor)
  • control system protection unit
  • installation kit
  • control mechanisms
Specifications of battle tank fitted with ATCS
Parameter Value
 Speed range:       
  forward 0-70 km/h
  reverse 0-31 km/h
  Turning radius, minimum 2.8
  Voltage 22.5-28.5 V
  Operating temperature range -10 to +55 °C