Test bench for power plants

The experimental base of the A.A. Morozov SE "KMDB" possesses sufficient potential for research of motor-transmission units of wheeled and caterpillar vehicles.

If in the machine created by you there are problems with speed and traction characteristics, with thermal operation of the power plant, with strength, economical and environmental indicators - we invite to joint cooperation on the universal test bench for motor-transmission departments directly in the product.

At our stand at ambient temperatures up to + 55 ° C, it is possible to carry out load tests of a wide variety of vehicles - from a jeep - an SUV to an eight-axle armored personnel carrier, from a crawler tractor to a modern tank.

Stand loader

Only with your direct participation, with the engine and transmission operating under maximum load conditions, will become clear all the nuances of the functioning of your machine, and qualified specialists will help to overcome all the difficulties for its further reliable operation.

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