The State Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (SE KMDB) in co-operation with State Enterprise “Malyshev Plant” (Kharkiv, Ukraine) have introduced inclined two-auger diffusers with hydraulic drive of the transport system (similar to DDS of Denmark) into series production. We have also mastered manufacturing processes of spare parts for DC-12 diffusers (Poland) and change from electrical drive to hydraulic drive.

Design documents for the whole diffuser were developed by the SE KMDB in co-operation with NIIGydroprivod Research Institute as a developer of hydrostatic drive.

The hydraulic drive of the diffuser transport system enables to process up to 3200 t of sugar-beet chips per day. It provides smooth change of auger speed from 0.12 to 1.2 rpm, easy start after a long period of being out of operation and when screw chamber is fully loaded. Advantages of the hydraulic drive against the electric one are as follows:

  • lower speeds of about 0.5 to 0.8 rpm are possible, which increases sugar output by 8 to 12 %;
  • contact of augers is excluded due to provision of a pair of synchronizing gears; reliable protection of augers from damage when overload occurs;
  • rpm can be maintained at any value assigned by the operator for a long period of time;
  • control system enables efficiently diagnose technical condition of elements of the hydraulic drive and transport system.
Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Type of hydraulic drive hydrostatic drive with hydraulic motors as actuators to rotate augers of inclined diffuser DDS or DS-12
Components of hydraulic drive
  • hydraulic motor to drive augers through reducers with gear ratio 1250
  • hydraulic station comprising pumps with electric motors, hydraulic equipment, filters and oil cooler
  • pipelines between hydraulic station and hydraulic motors
  • power and control system
Hydraulic motors (augers) speed control remote control through changing efficiency of main pumps from diffuser control panel
Auger speed (rpm)
during idle run (sugar-beet chips are not loaded into diffuser) 0.12 to 1.2
at max load (transporting of sugar-beets up to 140 t/h) 0. 12 to 1.0

Torque developed by hydraulic motors (kN.m),

(at reducer shaft)

at least 1225
Max power developed by hydraulic motors (kW) (at torque of 245 Nm and 1250 rpm) at least 125.6
Hydraulic tank capacity (dm3) 750
Efficiency of diffuser transport system hydraulic drive as to quantity of processed sugar-beet chips
constant (t/h) 125 (3000 t/day)
max (t/h) 140
Dimensions of hydraulic station (length х width), m 3x3
Duty continuous duty, three-shift duty within 2 to 6 months
Hydraulic drive and automatic equipment control system
Main parameters under control
  • auger speed
  • pressure in delivery lines of the hydraulic system
Hydraulic drive automatic system provides the following automatic shutdown of electric motors pumps in case fluid level in hydraulic tank is low or lubrication system of auger bearings mulfunctions

All components of the equipment undergo intensive tests and adjustment before delivery to sugar mills.

Scope of work includes delivery of the equipment to a sugar mill, installation, adjustment, commissioning, supervision, maintenance, repairs under warranty, supply of spare hydraulic equipment and diffuser as a whole.

Perfected design of the hydraulic system and deliveries of components from various manufacturers enable us to offer upgraded models of hydraulic drives DA-3T.10-9 and DA-3T.10-11 at the market.

The hydraulic drives presently offered have the following advantages in comparison with those produced earlier for Kelmenetskogo, 1st Petrovskogo and Orelskogo sugar mills (models DA-3T.10-42; DA-3T.10-5 and DA-3T.10-7 accordingly):

  • DA-3T.10-9 - The hydraulic drive is equipped with reduced from 2200 to 750 dm3 volume of hydraulic tank, reduced by 30% dimensions of the hydraulic station and simplified main pump control system
  • DA-3T.10-11 - The hydraulic drive is equipped with main pumps and hydraulic motors either of Russian origin or manufactured by famous European companies that ensure reliable and durable operation of diffuser transport system. Capacity of the hydraulic tank and dimensions of hydraulic station are the same with those of diffuser DA-3T.10-9