The bulldozer is intended to move soils of 1 to 3 categories, crushed stones and other granular materials by small distances as well as to mechanically destroy soils of 3 to 4 categories and to loosen frozen bulk and lump materials, to erect embankments (bulks), to cut terraces on hill-sides, to carry out planning, cleaning and preparation work in the temperate climate areas at ambient temperature above -40°C.


Parameter Value
Traction class 15
Operational weight 21,500 kg
Track 2,730 mm
Road clearance 400 mm
mark SMD-31B
type diesel
capacity 213 kW (290 hp)
Forward and reverse movement speed:
operation mode 2.5 to 8 km/h
travelling mode 4.5 to 22 km/h
Dozer equipment
type direct, with non-turning dozer blade
width 4,060 mm
height 1,540 mm
lowering depth 400 mm
Soil loosening equipment
type with adjustable loosening angle
number of teeth 1
lowering depth 650 mm
BG-1 Tracked Bulldozer | MorozovKMDB BG-1 Tracked Bulldozer | MorozovKMDB