Designed for removing from foundation and installing on foundation the units of drilling rigs and their transportation by prepared route.

The main users of PG-70 are enterprises of oil-and-gas industry.

Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Length 5,770 mm
Width 1,980 mm
Height  1,580 mm
Weight within 13,000 kg
Rod (piston) stroke of the hydraulic jack within 700 mm
Load capacity тwithin 70,000 kg
Ground pressure with full load within 0.24 MPa (2.4 kg/cm2)
Operational pressure in hydraulic system 10 MPa (100 kg/cm²)

Feeding of PG-70 hydraulic system is carried out from external source.

Design of hull and saddles allows to turn the front cross-bar in horizontal plane for angle of not less than 8° to both sides in respect to longitudinal axis of the frame as well as side shifting of frame.

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