The MIASh-5 technological machine is intended to extract anode pins when producing primary aluminium.

This machine is based on the MRK-2 vehicle chassis. If compared with other anode pin extracting machines, the MIASh-5 machine has the following advantages:

  • no physical labour (connected with shifting and catching the pin to be extracted) is needed;
  • due to availability of an automatic catch, the attending personnel is working out of the high temperature area;
  • no technological pins are needed;
  • due to the specific kinematical design of the working device, the anode pins being extracted do not change their shape.
Main parameters and dimensions
Parameter Value
Machine weight 1,400 kg
Rest travel 257 mm
Working cylinder diameter 160 mm
Oil pressure in working cylinder 15±1 MPa
Force achieved by the machine when on rest 300±15 kN
Working pressure of compressed air 0.4-0.6 MPa
Overall dimensions:
length 2,080 mm
width 600 mm
height 1,335 mm
Extraction of pins is hydro-pneumatic