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A group of young specialists of the SE "KMDB" visited the firing ground of samples of armored vehicles in the village Bashkirovka of the Kharkov region ... They got acquainted with the process of testing a new version of the BTR-4MV1 armored personnel carrier, as well as factory tests of the T-64BV and BM Bulat tanks.

During the event, the specialists received experience in overcoming various obstacles and shooting from the tank gun, a 30-mm automatic cannon, a machine gun and a grenade launcher with the samples of armored vehicles.

Also, students of senior courses of the department "ITS KGM named after A.A. Morozov" of the National Technical University "KhPI" got acquainted with the acquaintance.

According to the scientific secretary of the SE "KMDB" Andrei Bogach, the experience that young specialists receive during the tests is a necessary component of the further development and improvement of weapons and military equipment.

SE "KMDB" pays much attention to the development of the personnel potential of the enterprise and the employment of students in profile specialties.