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A one-day working visit of the SE "KMDB" was attended by a delegation of Japanese military experts led by Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine Mr. Shigeki Sumi.


During the meeting, issues of cooperation in the military-technical sphere were discussed, models of the armored personnel carrier BTR-4E, TBKM Dozor-B and the complex dynamic simulator crew of the BTR-4E were presented.

  Mr. Shigeki Sumi directly tested the running characteristics of the BTR-4E and highly appreciated it's characteristics.

  According to Alexey Babich, Director of the SE "KMDB", "The work collective of the enterprise is capable of creating advanced models of military equipment that become visible on the world arms market and are recognized among specialists of the world's leading countries."

  The company plans further development of lightly armored vehicles, including the work on the creation of hybrid power plants.